Monday, October 13, 2008

Do I need a conservatory for my home?

You should first ask yourself the question - What do you need a conservatory for?

Do you want to make a living room of your conservatory?
Do you want it to be your reading room or study?
Do you want it to be a room where you can just relax with your thoughts?

Whatever your needs – be it lounging or dining, be it relaxing and listening to your favorite tune or spending some quality time with friends and family – a conservatory is an area with endless possibilities. A conservatory can be a room for all seasons and for all reasons. It is much more than just an investment in your home; it is much more than just another room in your house.

A conservatory can transform and enhance the entire look and style of your home making it look more elegant. There are multiple options in conservatory styles, limited only by your imagination. The real advantage of a conservatory is to bring the outdoors and greenery right into your home. A conservatory is as much a part of your home as it is a part of your garden.

Modern conservatories, with insulated bases and cavity walls, which feature double-glazed units and a thermally efficient roof, can be used all year round. You can use the conservatory in winter due to insulation. Glazing is specifically used to keep conservatories insulated and warm in winter by retaining heat, and cool in summer be excluding solar radiation.

A conservatory can be small or large according to the space constraints of your home. You can contract with an experienced company to build a made to order conservatory according to your requirements and budget. The conservatory can be built in different styles and you can select the style best suited to the existing style of your home.

The Edwardian - A style that echoes the architecture of the Edwardian era.
A classic style that combines traditional values with modern day technology, the Edwardian is time enduring in every sense maximizing inside space with style. The traditional design offers an ideal solution for homes with low eaves or first floor window sills. Its refined, classic, clean-cut lines make it easy to maintain with linear drainage from the roof. The Edwardian is functional and spacious, and will make a very attractive addition to any property.

The Victorian - A traditional yet luxurious conservatory.
The Victorian style is a very popular choice. This style is guaranteed to add character to any type of home. The octagonal design makes the most of your space whilst presenting a panoramic view of your garden and beyond. The Victorian is stylish yet functional, and is the perfect design with which to expand your home into your garden. Anyone can benefit from the additional space this traditional, yet luxurious setting will bring.

The Gable - Maximizing roof space
This style gives unsurpassed ventilation dynamics and a light and airy feeling and with no guttering necessary across the front of the building, drainage is ideal, both aesthetically and practically.

Lean To – The traditional lean to
With its refreshingly clean lines, it is the easiest way to achieve the conservatory dream. What better way to start the day than with this practical yet attractive addition to your home? This affordable extra room will brighten every day and bring you pleasure for years to come.

P Shape - a mixture of Lean-to and Victorian/Edwardian styles
This style of conservatory when viewed from above takes the shape of the letter 'p'. This style can also be made to measure and you can decide the proportions of both sections. The p shape is ideal for creating maximum space whilst maintaining a sense of proportion applicable to the existing dwelling. People love this style as it almost equates to adding an additional two rooms to your home. It allows for one section to be used for dining and the other to be enjoyed for relaxing.

You can find more information on building DIY conservatories for your home in a style that matches the design of your home at

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